Scoop Bins

Durapod Scoop Bin Features

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Self-closing lid mechanism


Rear-loading chute


Surgical grade latex seals


Off-lid ticket lens cover


Scoop compartment with tether

The Durapod BPA-FREE Scoop Bin series has evolved into a highly attractive, modular unit designed for product freshness, easy cleaning, and minimizing maintenance costs, while still meeting the rigorous NSF criteria for food safety.

Scoop Bin Features:

1. SELF-CLOSING LID MECHANISM ensures product safety by closing the lid after a preset interval.

2. REAR-LOADING CHUTE for fast and easy refilling. Refilling from the rear helps rotate the product.

3. SURGICAL GRADE LATEX SEALS maintain freshness.

4. OFF-LID TICKET LENS COVER doesn’t interfere with product visibility and offers a large space for SKU #’s, product name, and pricing information.

5. SCOOP COMPARTMENT WITH TETHER provides safe storage for the scoop and lessens the risk of cross contamination of products.

13803B Large Bin

20.5″ L x 15.375″ W x 11.75″ H

52.07 cm L x 39.05 cm W x 29.85 cm H

5.7 Gallons / 21.5 Liters

13802B Medium Bin

20.5″ L x 11.66″ W x 11.75″ H

52.07 cm L x 29.64 cm W x 29.85 cm H

4.1 Gallons / 15.5 Liters

13801B Small Bin

20.5″ L x 7.33″ W x 11.75″ H

52.07 cm L x 18.62 cm W x 29.85 cm H

2.5 Gallons / 9.6 Liters

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