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Durapod products began in New Zealand when two entrepreneurs, skilled in engineering and with over 20 years’ experience in the bulk food industry, joined forces under the name Durapod Systems LTD. They identified a need for a more cost-effective and innovative way to display bulk food products that would also meet the ever-growing demands of a more health, hygiene, and environmentally conscious supermarket environment.

They successfully developed a product that features

  • a sleek appearance that is appealing to the eye,
  • bin sizes that promote regular product turns
  • a modular design that allows for cost-effective parts replacement
  • durability
  • ease of use by both the retailer and the customer
  • NSF/ANSI II certification
  • BPA-free materials

The developers took display flexibility and ease of installation into consideration in their design.  Our shelves can be attached to existing metal shelving fixtures (Madix, Lozier, or comparable), or, if wood fixtures are preferred, our bins can be mounted to wood shelves utilizing the Durapod metal shelf inserts. Once the shelves are installed, the bins simply snap into place.  We pride ourselves on the ease of installation of our products.  Our bins are delivered pre-assembled, which allows for significant reductions in installation time and labor cost.

Upon being introduced into the market, the products were well-received throughout the world and have been sold in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tahiti, Saudi Arabia and many countries throughout Europe.  Because of the modular design and the focus on durability in the manufacturing of the bins, it is not unusual to find bins that were sold fifteen or more years ago still in use today.

In 2020, the Company was purchased by Bulk Bin Solutions, LLC dba Durapod Systems, headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Because of the long-standing relationship with the previous owners and the high- quality of the product provided by their partner in New Zealand, the decision was made to continue manufacturing in New Zealand with inventory warehoused in the United States.



The world has changed greatly since the Durapod products were first introduced, but our product continues to meet the needs of retailers and customers alike by maintaining an appealing style, product safety and freshness.

To meet the needs of customers throughout the United States, we have successfully recruited and trained sales representatives for the majority of the Country with a few areas still under negotiation.   Additionally, we are actively pursuing representatives and distributors who would assist us in expanding our network worldwide.



With the advent of a more global cuisine and the increasing interest in the culinary arena, we see the bulk departments in supermarkets growing in the variety of foods being offered to the home chef.

We have found throughout our time in the industry, the best ideas come from the users of the product.  In that vein we will continue to listen to our customers’ comments and strategically develop new products and/or modify existing products to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

Our staff will be actively exploring new venues where our product can be easily adapted for use in non-food applications.

Ultimately, our goal will be to warehouse products in each geographic region to better maximize delivery and shipping cost controls.


OUR MISSION:             

Durapod Systems will continually strive to provide our customers with timely, courteous service and a high-quality, dependable, cost-effective solution for their bulk needs. We aren’t happy if you aren’t happy.

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