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Specializing in the manufacture and supply of high quality retail bulk food bins that incorporate unique features to insure product safety, freshness and visibility.

Durapod Gravity Bin

A state-of-the-art gravity bin with a unique all-inclusive pull-down feature for easy, convenient refilling. Its modern lines ensure that the product remains the focal point.


1. FALSE FRONT provides clear view of the product and visually indicates when the bin needs refilling.

2. NO TOUCH, CONTACTLESS DISPENSING – Durapod’s push/pull dispensing system allows the customer to place the bag over the spout and dispense product by pushing the spout forward. This process eliminates any direct contact with the spout and allows the customer better control of the amount of product being dispensed. Additionally, there is no possibility of virus transmission from a dirty handle.

3. LARGE TICKET HOLDER AREA that provides enough space to easily insert information that clearly identifies SKU #, product name, and price, ingredients, and any health-related information, i.e. “contains peanuts”.

4. PULL DOWN ARM that can be lowered for refilling. Safer for employees than using ladders.

5. SECURELY ANCHORS IN PLACE via a unique anchoring system attached to the shelf.

6. EASY TO OPERATE push/pull dispensing system.

Durapod Scoop Bin

The Scoop Bin is a great space-saving solution. It’s narrower footprint allow the maximum use of tight spaces.


1. SELF-CLOSING LID MECHANISM ensures product safety by closing the lid after a preset interval.

2. REAR-LOADING CHUTE for fast and easy refilling. Refilling from the rear helps rotate the product.

3. SURGICAL GRADE LATEX SEALS maintain freshness.

4. OFF-LID TICKET LENS COVER doesn’t interfere with product visibility and offers a large space for SKU #’s, product name, and pricing information.

5. SCOOP COMPARTMENT WITH TETHER provides safe storage for the scoop and lessens the risk of cross contamination of products.

Durapod bins are a major leap forward for the bulk food category. They offer an attractive, durable and hygienically superior option to existing designs. They can be adapted to fit most existing shelving locations or can be designed to suit your circumstances.

Intertek Certified

Durapod Bins are certified by Intertek to NSF/ANSI 2 Standards which is a recognized Food Equipment Standard worldwide.

Raising the Bar

Made from BPA FREE Copolyester. This material provides a higher level of scratch and high heat resistance than Polycarbonate. Versatile and durable for all food equipment applications.

Superior Durability

Virtually unbreakable and chemical resistant. Tritan™ showed no evidence of cracking or crazing at up to 500 dishwasher cycles at any level of applied strain.

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