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Durapod scoop bins are a major leap forward for the bulk food category. They offer a modern, attractive, durable and hygienically superior option to existing designs.

Durapod Scoop Bin
Durapod Gravity Bin

Product Features
  • The Durapod bin has been designed so that the contour allows total access of the scoop to all corners, no more dead spots where product can sit and stagnate. No longer will your customers struggle to extract a scoop laden with product.

  • Most importantly Durapod bins have a self closing lid mechanism that holds the lid open while in use (avoiding the need for three hands) and then ensures the unattended bin is left in the closed position once the customer departs.

  • Durapod bins have been designed with a back filling chute to ensure easy and effective stock rotation.

  • Durapod has a simple clip-on off-lid ticket facility that ensures your product remains the focal point.

  • To ensure the product is maintained in the best possible condition, Durapod has used surgical rubber seals around the lids to minimise exposure to air.

  • Using our unique rail system, the bin can slide forward to access the rear filling chute or to simplify removal of the bin from the shelf.

  • Durapod bins are completely modular and can be disassembled in seconds for cleaning. Should it ever become necessary to replace a part then the modular design ensures you a most economical way to return your bin to its original condition. It sure beats replacing the whole bin!!

The Durapod© Scoop Bin has all the other attributes that you would expect from a top-rated scoop bin such as:

  • A simple clip-on, off-lid ticket facility that ensures quick and efficient changes for price tickets when required

  • Off-lid scoop holders create a clean, uninterrupted view of your product

  • Constructed from strong, robust BPA Free Copolyester

  • Optional slide-out rail system allows bins to be filled directly on the fixture

Choose Durapod© Scoop Bins and harness the potential of bulk food retailing!

Durapod Scoop Bin - Specifications

Product Images
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