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Are you looking for a modern, stylish gravity bin capable of dispensing a wide range of products, a bin that has the looks and the features to enhance your bulk food department like no other.... The answer? The Durapod Gravity Bin.

Durapod Gravity Bin
Durapod Gravity Bin

Product Features
  • Durapod gravities offer a refreshingly new modern look and their unique design ensures you get more product into the same footprint of space as older alternative bins.

  • How often do you see a customer struggling with the conventional two handed dispensing action of the old conventional bin while trying to hold baby or when afflicted with arthritis – well not any more!! Durapod gravities have a very unique one-handed dispensing system using the spout as the release mechanism. This has really won some hearts!!

  • And refilling has never been easier. Durapod has designed a sturdy pull-down mechanism that sets our product apart from all others. The bin is quite simply pulled down to a comfortable filling position without removing it from the shelf thereby reducing the likelihood of bad backs and shoulder strains. A pleasing feature for staff and health and safety personnel alike.

Durapod has all the other attributes that you would expect from a top-rated gravity dispenser such as:

  • A simple 'slide in, slide out' ticket facility that ensures quick and efficient changes for price tickets when required

  • Innovative upwards closing shutter ensures total consumer control, smooth door closure and reduces spillage

  • Constructed from strong, robust polycarbonate

  • Effective auto emptying false front to ensure your bins always look attractive

  • A strong simple no-nonsense shelf attachment which allows you to affix or detach the bins with ease

Our advice? Choose Durapod© Gravity Bins and serve your customers better today!

Durapod Gravity Bin with Agitator unavailable for sale or importation in the USA. Available to all other countries of the world.

Durapod Gravity Bin - Specifications

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