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Company Profile

Durapod SystemsDurapod Systems Ltd is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand with two shareholder / directors.

Durapod was established by the two directors after having spent many years in the front line of bulk food supply and servicing. It became clear to them that a major innovation was required if the self serve bin concept was going to prosper in an ever increasing health and hygiene conscious supermarket environment.

Combining years of front line service and the best designers, Durapod came up with a range of bins that were stylish, practical, durable and flexible enough to adapt to any retail situation. On top of that, they meet the highest requirements of retail health and hygiene standards.

The reason for Durapod.

Durapod Systems was born from a need to reform the bulk food bin category, to modernise, revitalise and generally offer a very real alternative to existing equipment.

While the practice of self serve is as old as commerce itself, the consumer, the retailer and the authorities are demanding a much higher standard of presentation and adherence to food safe standards than ever before. The Durapod System has been designed with that in mind, incorporating innovative aspects of design that has breathed new life into the category and set new levels of excellence in the process.

As a category, bulk food offers the consumer the opportunity to purchase product and portions of their choosing with optional portion selection especially important when times are tough. The added benefit of minimal packaging is a bonus in an environmentally aware society. From a retailers perspective, bulk foods is potentially one of the highest performing gross profit categories in the store if managed correctly, and adds an exciting and colourful array of often different products to the store.

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